Emergency Roadside Assistance


If you need emergency roadside assistance anywhere in the continental U.S. simply call 1-877-373-9761 and also contact us to let us know what has happened if you need further help. 

When you call for a dispatch service be prepared to give the customer service representative the following information:

  • Your name and the name of our company which is Easy Ride LLC.
  • Vehicle make and model and the last 10 of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) located on the dash or on the driver’s door jam.
  • The EXACT location of the vehicle if known (street address, cross-street, mile markers, landmarks etc.).
  • Nature of the trouble (flat tire, won’t start etc.)
  • Phone number for the mechanic to reach you. The nearest contracted towing facility will be contact you and inform you of an Estimated Time Of Arrival.


We are participating with Road America Roadside Assistance Program so in case of emergency we are able to offer the following protection:

Flat Tire:

Road America will dispatch a service person to change your vehicle’s damaged tire for a usable spare.

Out Of Gas: 

You will be provided with 3 gallons of fuel delivered to your location ( you will be responsible for the cost of the actual gas).

Dead Battery:

Road America’s provider will clean off your battery cables and jump start your car.


Your vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair center or safe place. 


How Does Maintenance Work On My Rental Car?


All maintenance is covered by EZ Ride Car Rental company. You MUST let us know when any service lights appear or other issues are found so that we can arrange servicing. Servicing is free however if you ignore service lights or other mechanical problems and damage occurs you might become liable for all repair expenses so it’s important to pay attention and act quickly to insure your car remains mechanically sound.

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