How Old Can Your Car Be For You To Be A Driver At Lyft?

Ride-sharing has become an increasingly profitable business, and people all over the world are turning to this new phenomenon. Be it simply for the purpose of earning some extra cash in your free time, or to take control of your job, being a driver for Lyft or other ride-sharing apps certainly has its benefits.

To ensure the quality of the services provided, Lyft, in particular, has a few restrictions laid down that drivers need to adhere to. When it comes to the vehicle, in particular, adhering to these restrictions is essential to avoid any kind of disciplinary action. Moreover, the requirements that are mentioned are to ensure that their customers are riding in vehicles that are safe and kept in good condition.


Vehicle Age

One of the first things that one should be adhering to when deciding to drive a vehicle through ride-sharing apps is the age of the vehicle that you are using. People often wonder, what year car you need to be able to drive of Lyft, and the answer to that is a car that has been made after 2003. The 2000s were a landmark year for vehicles because it introduced a significant number of new technologies, as well as integrated new safety standards that vehicles needed to adhere to.

Even though cars produced in the early 2000s are generally permitted by the company, different state governments have different vehicle ages that they permit. If you want to know what age vehicles you can drive, you need to check the state that you want to drive in, and cross-check it against that.

The Following is a list of states and years that correspond to it:

Alabama – 2004

Alaska – 2007

Arizona – 2005

Arkansas – 2005

California – 2005

Colorado – 2004

Connecticut – 2007

Delaware – 2003

Florida – 2007

Georgia – 2007

Hawaii – 2003

Idaho – 2005

Illinois – 2009

Indiana – 2005

Iowa – 2003

Kansas – 2005

Kentucky – 2003

Louisiana – 2006

Maine – 2004

Maryland – 2007

Massachusetts – 2004

Michigan – 2006

Minnesota – 2009

Mississippi – 2005

Missouri – 2007

Montana – 2004

Nebraska – 2005

Nevada – 2009

New Hampshire – 2003

New Jersey – 2004

New Mexico – 2005

New York – 2004

North Carolina – 2005

North Dakota – 2003

Ohio – 2003

Oklahoma – 2009

Oregon – 2003

Pennsylvania- 2004

Rhode Island – 2004

South Carolina – 2003

South Dakota – 2009

Tennessee – 2005

Texas – 2010

Utah – 2005

Vermont – 2009

Virginia – 2005

Washington – 2004

West Virginia – 2009

Wisconsin – 2005

Wyoming- 2005

While the year that the vehicle was made in is important for anyone who wants to get set up as a Lyft driver, the condition that your vehicle is in is also important, and something that has an impact on the overall feasibility of your job. If you want to get approved by Lyft to be a driver, there are a few additional criteria that you have to pay heed to, and which you have to account for.

Lyft requires all of its drivers to submit proof of their driver’s license and vehicle registrations to ensure that they are well within the law when operating under them. Above that, the driver must have personal vehicle insurance for that particular vehicle.

If you don’t have a vehicle of your own or have a vehicle that is too old, there are plenty of options that you can turn to. One of these is to hire your vehicle from The site especially offers vehicles to those who want to join the ride-sharing base, and who want to make some extra money on the side by driving people around.